Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Statement to fellow Americans

Fellow American Patriots, no doubt many desire to take America 'back' (some would say 'forward' but I believe 'back' is more appropriate) to what she was intended to be and should be. Well, I too want to do this and I mean to make a difference. For the love of our country...for the love of my family, children, and honor those who have sacrificed family, blood, limb, and life, I dedicate to the everlasting fight for American Freedom and Independence. I hope you will join me in detailed, effective methods of saving and strengthening America (i.e., not just rhetoric); however, some old fashioned, patriotic motivation is also invited. If you are HERE, you are among those who LOVE America, SERVE America, and RESPECT the principles of GOD and the Constitution of the United States of America...and you are among those who GIVE, not TAKE, from America. MUCH more to follow!